Drupal minimal maintenance (security updates, etc.)

Keeping Drupal core and modules up to date is important to avoid security vulnerabilities which could otherwise lead to your site being hacked.

Summary of our minimal maintenance service

  • Designed to be a low-cost, minimal service.
  • Updates are installed once per month, or within 48 working hours in the case of urgent security updates.

Please contact us for further details. See also: Drupal development, support and maintenance packages.

General description and limitations of the service

Upgrade failure

As with many other systems, it is always possible that the upgrade process may fail or result in compatibility issues or other technical problems. In these cases, we will attempt to restore the original state of the site using previously established procedures. Typically this means restoring the site database and directory structure from existing backups.

It is the client's responsibility to ensure that adequate backups are available and up to date. We can assist you with establishing and testing backup procedures. We can also create a clone of your site where the upgrade procedure can be safely tested before being run on the live site. These services typically require several hours of work, charged at our standard rates.

If you want us to resolve any technical issues arising from an upgrade or failed upgrade, our standard rates would apply.

Technical requirements
  • We need console (ssh) access to the server (this is usually no problem for sites running under Linux on a dedicated server or VPS).

  • We need full write-access to your Drupal directory, typically /var/www/drupal, and everything inside it.

  • The drush utility must be installed and suitably configured.

Initially establishing and testing our access to your server typically takes about half an hour, as does installing and configuring drush if you don't have it already. In addition, there will usually be research and discussion time needed so that we can understand how your site is set up. Allow for one to two hours in total. These tasks are charged at our standard rates.

Please contact us for further details. See also: Drupal development, support and maintenance packages.