Drupal development, support and maintenance packages

Time tracking and reporting

Activity details and time spent are tracked on our logging system, with reports available to you so that you can see the full details of how time was spent, broken down by project if required. More information here, and an example time report here.


For projects of 100 hours or more please see this page.

Ad hoc

  • For urgent support, bug-fixes, fault resolution and minor development projects.
  • £98/hour, minimum four hours.
  • Reduced rates for 15 or more hours in any calendar month.
  • Prepayment required for new clients.

Pre-paid packages

By prepaying for a number of hours the price per hour is reduced. Maximum duration of six months.

Package Per hour Total Effective discount
15 hours £83 £1245 15%
30 hours £70 £2100 29%
60 hours £59 £3540 40%

Monthly invoiced packages

Monthly invoicing is a more practical option for established clients who require ongoing development, support and maintenance. The following table shows prices by agreed duration and committed hours per month. Prices shown are per month. Figures in brackets indicate effective discount compared with the ad hoc rate.

Package 3 months 6 months 12 months
5 hours/month £415 (15%) £350 (29%) £295 (40%)
10 hours/month £700 (29%) £590 (40%) £500 (49%)
20 hours/month £1180 (40%) £1000 (49%) £960 (51%)

Up to 50% of the nominal monthly hours may be carried forward or backwards.

Please note:
  • Any excess time will be invoiced at an hourly rate equivalent to the previously agreed rate.
  • All work is normally performed remotely. For on-site tasks such as user training, project meetings, etc, directly related time and expenses will be billed.
  • These rates and related terms of business may be changed without prior notice unless specifically agreed with the client.

Minimal maintenance

For clients who require only basic maintenance, i.e. installation of Drupal and module bug-fix and security upgrades, we offer a minimal maintenance package, described here.

Further information

For further information please contact us to discuss your requirements.