Help & FAQ

Please use the contact form or open a ticket for any questions not answered here.

Who has access to my tickets?

Access is restricted to your and our nominated staff. They are not publicly visible, nor visible to our other clients. However, for security reasons we suggest that you do not enter sensitive data such as passwords in tickets.

How can I log and update tickets by email?

Send email to having first informed us of your valid sending addresses. Usually we will activate your entire domain, but if you need to be able to send support requests from other addresses such as your personal GMail account, just let us know.

What are projects?

By defining projects you can more easily see where time has been spent, broken down by the project worked on. Projects might be your individual sites if you have more than one, or topics such as user support, module development, site maintenance and so on. We can also prioritise by project if you let us know what you want.

How can I see where time has been spent?

  • Login or go to your support overview page
  • Click the time report tab
  • Select the month you want to view (if not the current month)
  • The resulting summary report shows total hours for that month example
  • Click the included links to view details for each activity (if required)